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A power of 3.5 billions years inside you... The blue gold of the spirulina is " The Phycocyanin" It is 7000 times more active when it is extract of the spirulina, 20 times more powerful than vitamin C and 16 times more powerful than vitamin E. It is the most powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxydant in the world. Excellent anti-age, it stimulates the stem cells. It is also the ideal associate of the Ferritin to better fix the Iron. This adaptogen molecule is the most important and the most interesting of the dietary supplement. Essential pigment of the spirulina and the only blue natural alimentary colorant authorized in Europe, the Phycocyanin contains an incredible potential and some exceptional benefaction on the health. True therapeutic pearl, it reinforces our natural defenses, acts against the oxidative stress and the aging effects. This proteinic fluorescent phytopigment absorbs and captures the photon then transforms this luminescent energy in an electro-biochimic energy. That's why it has these remarkable advantage.

Who is this for ?

It is recommended for people who wants to: - Conserve their health capital - Optimise their physiological capacities - Restore a transitory deficient state because it contains some Polysaccharides who succeed to stimulate the reparation of the DNA damaged by the cells - Increase their physical capacity - Improve their daily wellness

What's Rhin Blue ?

IMMEDIAT BOOSTER !! Product indispensable for sportives who want to reach high performances. Concentration, Muscle recuperation, Articulary protection, Flexibility, Health increase... This mix of Phycocyanin 5K , Taurine vegetal, Acerola and Caffeine is called elixir of blue gold who gives the power of a rhinoceros. PHYCOCYANIN LIQUID POWER

What are the characteristics of the Phycocyanin ?

- Production of stem cell: anemia, fatigue, recuperation - Leukemia: help to stop the development of cells - Anti-viral: powerful anti-virale activities - Anti-cancer: Increase the enzymatic activity of the cell node - Kidney: kidney stone, colic renal, kiney protection against mercury - Antioxydant and radical scavenger - Immune sytem: viral infection, cancer rheumy allergic - Diabete: type 2 and its complications - Anti-inflamatory: Inflamations, rhumatism - Hepatoprotective: chimiotherapy, hypercholesterol, hepathic infections - Action Cardio Vasculary: works as prevention against accident - Thyroid: hypothyroid, hashimoto

What's 10K ?

THE MOST POWERFUL PRODUCT IN TERMS OF QUANTITY OF PHYCOCYANIN It is recommended to people who wants to protect their natural defenses. The activity of the Phycocyanin is similar to the best anti-inflamatory molecules, especially the pro-inflamatory enzyma Cox-2. It limits their liberation, their effects on the allergic manifestations and the pain associated to the degradation of the cartilage and articulations. The Phycocyanin 10K goes further by preventing and treating some cancer. A chinese study shows that it acts on the leucemia because it has an action on the production of stem cells who are the base of the cells formations. This product has some interesting faculties on the mental, spirit and extra-sensory.

What's 5K ?

PERFORMANCE ANTIOXYDANT This product is particularly suitable for people who is looking for performance and wishes an antioxydant intake (sportive, students...) The association of Phycocyanin and vitamin C natural, extract of acerola, protect the cells against the damages inflicted by the daily free radicals. Phycocyanin Liquis Spirit

What's Phyco Animo ?

PHYCOCYANIN OF HEALTHY ANIMALS Natural phycocyanin strengthens and revitalizes the cell structure of your pets to bring lasting health and well-being to their daily lives. Very beneficial for dogs, cats and other pets, phycocyanin gives them a silky, full and shiny coat, strengthens the body, reinforces natural defences, improves performance... Phycocyanin has exceptional antioxidant properties. Used as a food supplement in humans for many years, it is beginning to be used in animal feed with similar success. It is to be recommended to senior, convalescent or weak animals. All animal species can take this food supplement: from fish to chicken, dogs, cats, horses...
This nutrient fortifies the body, strengthens natural defences, improves performance...
Its indications are multiple:
- Convalescence of diseases: piroplasmosis of the dog...
- Bad general condition: rickets, weight loss, cancer...
- Aging: beneficial action of antioxidants, free radical scavengers at the origin of cellular aging. - Positive action on the arthritic field, therefore for osteoarthritis of dogs and cats. - Improvement of sports performance as in men... And also against hair loss! (through the action of fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements)... The benefits of phycocyanin for horses: Racehorses, riding horses and companion horses consume phycocyanin on a regular basis. The important combination of nutrients provided by phycocyanin strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to infections. It also allows for the development of muscle mass, rapid recovery for sport horses after sustained effort and also for convalescent horses, and improved fertility.

Videos Testimonials and Returns on Rhin Blue efficiency

You can see all the testimonials on the benefits of the Phycocyanin and our products on our Youtube page via the link below: or visit our pages Instagram/Facebook

What are our Certifications ?

Certified ISO 9001:2015 Company Label Sport Protect Anti-Doping FSSC 22000: Food Safety System Certifiaction 22000

Why our Phycocyanin is different ?

Our spirulina is cultivated in an environment safe and controled . It is rigorously tested for metals and others toxines present in some spirulina algea issued of marines culture. Before being infused, we check that our formula is 100% pure and without contamination.

Our Mission ?

Our mission is to offer you the purest combinaison of super organic aliments (phycocyanin) to oxygenate your cells. A solution of perfect health for your body and your brain. We are taking those super-aliments ourselves and giving them to our family and friends.

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